Nicole Eggert Accuses Scott Baio of Sexual Assault


So a thrilling news came that Nicole Eggert gives a serious allegation against Scott Baio.
Nicole Eggert is the former actress of Baywatch and this film is also a super hit film of the year she said on a twitter that in the age of teenage Scott Baio molested her back but the preparation of Nicole is very hard that she prepared her for years opposite Baio on the Sitcom Charles in Charles.On Saturday afternoon she is in very sad mode she said more on Social media website Twitter that Scott Baio is also a Donald Trump Supporter.
The question she would ask Scott Baio that he tells What happened at his house in garage when I was a minor creep .this is the most stunning sentence of Nicole Eggert and she is also very much depressed by the speech of Halsey’s that recently viral this speech is about Women March at last weekend so from this thrilling speech of Halsey’s and this speech evoke her to say about in favor of women’s .
Nicole Eggert is a good Hollywood actress and she is now busy in her new project but from a few days she is depressed and she lost her tension from this tweet and these words on some way lost her depression “Always Stand In your truth it gives you strength “
So from all these tweet she went on to a detail that how Baio exclusively penetrated her at the early age about 14 years in this age she is a child and these years like 14,15,16 or 17 she faced alleged abuse and in the starting of teenage she covered up all these so it was shocking and it proves the bravery power of Nicole Eggert .so these are the statement of Nicole Eggert and after this Baio get to fight back on facebook to answer the allegations of Nicole Eggert .
Scott Baio shares 16 minutes of his video on facebook and he proclaims that she lies on twitter and nothing is true in her words.Scott Baio said that I remembered one time she calling me and ask me can she came on her house and she came and her age at that time legal and I know any normal heterosexual red-blooded American outcome is same.Scott Baio also played the audio record that she gave to The Dirty.com.And more after Charles and Charles were done she once lose her virginity to Baio.


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