Privacy Policy

General Principles

It is our duty to protecting your privacy because it is very important to our business so that why we developed the privacy policy to keep your personal information secure and confidential. For the protection of your of personal information, we do everything that we can do by our system but we will not responsible for that your information that changed by the third party.

We control your information in that categories manner like personal information.
  • Your personal identity like gender, age etc.
  • Your status information like your banking details and other status information.
  • Your postal address, mobile, fax etc contact details and all payment information, communication (if requested and provided) and then it is our responsibility to save your data on a secure server.
  • Your log information like IP address, browser Language, and username, nickname, e-mail address, password etc information used by you in relation to our services.

So you can store your data that you’ve created or a third party on our server like images, documents etc.

But we cannot give grantee of protecting information that you give to our server.

  • The information you will provide if you subscribe or register for our services.
  • Personal identity information like age, gender etc
  • Your financial information like income, banking details and about your lifestyle and payment, account information if you provided on request.
  • Your contact no like mobile no, fax no, e-mail id, IP address.
  • Information from Google interest like advertising base and data of audience like age, gender, interest in Google analytical.

We use a code that gives information about our site traffic and we track our site traffic this code is Google analytical code .so from the help of this code we make advertising display that supports our business demographics and interesting reports also use as advertising by Google analytical.

So we need your information for our security business and we maintain it according to privacy policy we don’t use it any other purpose but if use we get written permission from you.

Do not take any type of tension on the time when you get information and if you don’t get your information that we are unable to provide our services in a better style.

If you agree that we may get your information as long as you subscribe and use our services we secure your information according to rules of this privacy policy.

We collect information from you because we need this for our marketing business and compile demographical profile .but we ensure that this information does not help in the identity for any person so it is secure and it doesn’t give any clue to real personal identity.

We store information according to your will and also determine the service charges payable by you and to maintain the relationship among us.

Many websites use “cookies” it is used to by us to customized you with more information to seek trend and to see the interest of use when you return to our website.It is helpful to see the interest of user if we sent by browser “cookies” you have a chance to accept It or not If you accept so that means you agree to use personal information collected by us by “cookies”.

You also update your data at any time by using personalize function.

General exception

If we will stop, disclose and store personal information store according to the law on behalf of maintaining our business or to secure our business .such interruption can we did without your knowledge and after any damaged we will not responsible of your and third party because these interruptions create from storage.

You can give your personal information according to rules we will secure it with full attention some time we get some advertising from the third party in which your interest and we give information but not give mobile no or other data which help in the identity of person and you also see the different advertising thing on

Or you use Google ads for advertising and Google analytical.

So according to above rule, we work that rule it is now an agreement between us and we both do work according to it.