Sunny Deol’s Mohalla Assi get finally get permission of Released

So finally court give order for the released of sunny Deol film to mute the one word.
Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar film Mohalla Assi film from the last two years is in the suspense of released but now Delhi court gives permission for its released.This film story based on Kashinath novel and the main object is Kashi Ka Assi so on the behalf of this point CBFC give objection on its release because it will hurt the communities so the context of this film is controversial.
The director of this film fought fight two years for the released of this film and at least he wins this fight the name of the director of this film is Chandraprakash Dwivedi his statement about the released of this film is legal and he fought this battle with full enthusiasm.In a interview he said “the court get the order to released this film without any cut or modification except one word so why The clearifying committee of CBFC objection on it .he more said that when I asked a question from the ex-chief of CBFC Pahlaj Nihlani what are the reasons for Mohalla Assi delay then he replied “I don’t know “What was the agenda .so the chief don’t know the reason but the committee of CBFC and FCAT attempt full for the delay of this film .and now the permission come for its released.
The director Chandra Prakash Dwivedi said I have also concerned about the script of this film from the other filmmaker and they clear the script of this film they don’t provoke any objection about the script of this movie but with the change of new chairman of CBFC the system don’t change.
So Now Mohalla Assi will be released with A certificate and all the controversy now going to die because the permission has to come from the court of Delhi but the important question is will this film attract the audience after delay of two years sunny Deol is a big actor of Bollywood so we hope best for this film.

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